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Sponsor BLUE Ocean Film Festival

BLUE provides a platform to directly engage an audience of key influencers and trendsetters

Join global ocean leaders, celebrities focused on the future of our oceans, and filmmakers from around the world—as we promote honor and share films that inspire people to help protect our oceans and the life they sustain.

We are committed to raising awareness of the effect our individual and collective actions have on the health of our ocean, our planet and our quality of life. Through our festival events we will engage people of all ages to better understand the importance of personal choice and corporate responsibility.


Set Yourself Apart

BLUE provides an excellent way to express your company’s support for environmental issues.

For BLUE, our sponsors are our partners and we are committed to win-win collaborations. Our intimate environment allows our partners to directly engage key influencers and nurture special relationships with industry leaders, policy makers, conservation icons, and entertainment executives.

Through the convergence of our 5 Elements: Film Festival, Conservation Summit, Industry Conference, Educational Outreach and the BLUE On Tour Traveling Festival our team works with you to: (A) Understand your organization’s goals and (B) Create a partnership package that effectively delivers your message to a diverse audience and meet your business objectives.

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Benefits of Partnership

  • Visibility and brand awareness to an influential demographic
  • Networking opportunities with key influencers and VIPs
  • Align with an important social cause that crosses all boundaries
  • Reinforce your organization’s commitment to corporate social responsibility
  • Showcase new product
  • Identify new customers
  • Entertain valued clients
  • Use Marketing that gains customer loyalty
  • Align your brand with a world-class environmental “event” that educates, engages and empowers audiences through entertainment and exploration.
  • Position your company on the cutting-edge of growing social awareness that our oceans—which cover 70% of our planet and provide over half our oxygen—play a critical role in sustaining human life.
  • Reach opinion leaders, decision makers, and influencers driving change in ocean stewardship.
  • Support a critical distribution network for these important films, as we share them with communities of all sorts, across the U.S. and around the world through 2015.
  • Plant seeds that will deliver exponential returns by fostering new collaboration between filmmakers and scientists.
  • Inspire the best and brightest students—in both arts and sciences—to direct their talent to help us assure healthy oceans and a bright future.