Californians rely on marijuana delivery

Cali Cannabis Express

What do you think of when you hear the word “California?” Is it the sun? Is it the palm trees? Is it the ocean? Is it Hollywood? Is it money? Is it Rodeo Drive? Is it Disneyland? Is it earthquakes? Is it maybe even traffic?

Polls show that for people who live in California, specifically southern California, traffic is one of the all time biggest concerns for residents. In the year 2015, traffic studies estimated that the average resident of southern California spent more than 80 hours of their year sitting in traffic. Here are a few things that you could do in 80 hours:

  • You could watch the extended versions of the Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit trilogy movies 4 times each (and still have a few minutes to spare)
  • You could fly back and forth from California to Australia 5.7 times
  • You could walk from New York to New Jersey almost 6 times
  • You could read Don Quixote 5 times
  • You could work two standard work weeks

When you look at some of these figures, it makes sense that Californians would want to stay off the road as much as possible. This is why marijuana delivery has become so popular in California.

As one of the states with legalized medical marijuana, providing delivery services was really just the next obvious step. Rather than forcing Californians to brave the heavily trafficked roads to get their prescriptions, they can instead get it delivered by a professional driver who is compensated for their time. With Cali Cannabis Express, Californians have the luxury of going about their day and not having to budget time to sit in traffic. Statistics show that during high traffic times in southern California, drivers can be going as slow as 17 miles per hour. To put that into perspective, the fastest man in the world can run 28 miles per hour, meaning he could beat nearly every car on the road to their destination.

With so many Californians doing their best to avoid traffic and driving when at all possible, medical marijuana delivery companies are seeing a real increase in business. In fact, many people with medical marijuana prescriptions say that if given the choice they would much prefer to have their medical marijuana delivered to them than to have to get in the car, battle traffic and spend hours on the road just to get to a dispensary.

According to dispensary owners, delivery is the way of the future, specifically in cities where busy residents are more likely to forgo a trip if they can. In addition, marijuana delivery has been successful particularly for people who use it for pain management because they no longer have to leave their home and battle traffic while also dealing with chronic pain or illness.

It seems pretty obvious that the medical marijuana delivery industry will continue to grow and more and more Californians will rely on the easy service. Smart business plans know that they must address consumers’ biggest concerns and for Californians, that concern is traffic.