Follow These Eight Rules to Find the Right Caterer for your Wedding

In any wedding planning, having a great wedding reception will always be a very important part that determines how memorable your wedding will be. In your wedding reception, the food that you serve will be the highlight and it is the memories of the delicious meals and a full stomach that people will be taking home with them, which is why it is important that you get the right wedding caterer to serve at your wedding.

wedding food[/caption]

Some couples can be lucky with the venue that they have chosen already providing catering onsite. It can be a challenge looking for a wedding caterer which is why we have shared these eight rules that you should follow so you will find the right caterer for your wedding.

  1. Set your budget beforehand – Before you even try looking for wedding caterers, make sure that you already have a budget set. Having a set budget means you can narrow down to the caterers you can afford and also give your caterers the amount they can work with.
  2. Inquire the venue for suggestions – Wedding venues will have seen many wedding caterers so chances are they some good ones. Most venues will even already have a list of wedding caterers that they prefer so refer to this.
  3. Compare multiple proposals – When choosing the right caterer for you, you will want to get proposals from more than just one wedding caterer. This allows you to be able to compare and contrasts the things they provide and how much it would cost you.
  4. Inquire about the dinnerware and linens – If ever the venue that you have chosen does not provide with any tables, chairs, etc. you should inquire with your wedding caterer if they do. You’ll find most wedding caterers are able to do so or have a partner company that does.
  5. Be keen on their communication – The taste of their food is important, but how a wedding caterer communicates with their clients is a very important part too. If they are slow to respond or they get details wrong often, then they are not the one for you.
  6. Arrange tastings – For a small fee and arrangement, you should arrange a tasting with the caterer. This is very important as it will give you an idea of the flavors of their food and whether it is something that you will want at your wedding.
  7. Check out their reviews – Once you have narrowed down the choices and ready to pick one, you should always check out the reviews of the caterers and see their experience with past clients and whether it is something that you like.
  8. Sign and choose the food – Once you have chosen a wedding caterer, seal the deal and get on with choosing the food that will be served during your wedding. You should be able to sample all the items that will be served so that you’ll know whether something should be changed or replaced with another item.