There are few areas which provide workers with more labor than the roofing industry, as the average roofer in this country works around 12 hours a day, often six days a week. Major roofing contractor agencies such as even work fixing roofs on holidays such as thanksgiving and Christmas. Roofers have to work a lot because roofing is an extremely competitive industry in which clients can be lost very quickly to more readily available roofers. Roofers also work much more than the average person because of the fact that they do such time sensitive work. If a roofer isn’t able to see a client quickly, the roofing issue could get much worse, or the home could be damaged on the inside when rain or snow enters through a damaged roof. There is little question as to just how busy roofers tend to be, but many people have taken noticed of the fact that roofers tend to be so well paid. In this article we shall take a look at the different things which help to make roofing such a lucrative area of home repair.

The first reason why roofers are so well-paid is that the majority of roofing jobs only take an hour or so to complete. While there are many types of roofing work which can be very time consuming, such as roof replacement, the vast majority of roofing jobs can be done very quickly. The most common roofing job in the country is a simple roofing patch, which is a fast and easy way that roofers fix leaking roofs, as well as roofs with broken shingles. A roofing patch job usually only takes thirty minutes to complete, but because roofing prices are usually fixed by a union, even the smallest roofing jobs pay pretty well. An average roofer can patch around fifteen roofs in a single day, and the average roof patch will run the client around a hundred bucks. When you do the math; a fats and hardworking roofer can pull in a very comfortable wage by doing roofing patches alone.

Another reason why roofers tend to make such a good living is because they make a ton of extra cash off the cost of roofing materials alone. Roofing material providers offer huge cost savings to clients that purchase large amounts of products all at once from their distribution sites. On average, roofers pay only thirty percent of what the average person spends on roofing products. The roofers keep a lot of the money they save by buying large amounts of roofing products at low prices because they still sell the roofing materials at home improvement site prices. A roofer might make fifty bucks on just the sale of the roofing materials for a basic roofing job alone, which doesn’t yet take into consideration how much they make for the actual job. Of course, customers can always buy large amounts of roofing materials themselves in order to save money on material costs, but the average person just can’t use three hundred pounds of roofing glue in their lifetime.