How to choose the right window blinds for your windows

window blinds

Are you struggling with choosing the right window blinds or window shades for your windows? This can be an overwhelming decision because there are so many questions when it comes to blinds. Do you know which ones will look best in your home? Do you know how to install the window blinds or window shades you choose or are you able to have an expert to come in and install them for you? Do you know how to clean window blinds or window shades to keep your home looking beautiful?

When you are thinking about which blinds to choose for your home, you have many different options. There are wooden blinds, fabric blinds, roman shades or roller blinds. All of these types of blinds can come in different colors and the slat width can be different on each as well. When thinking about all these different styles of blinds, you should also consider what your existing room decor is like to help you find the right style of blinds to match. For example, if you want to keep everything cohesive, you may choose a color or material that mimics other parts of the room. If you have hardwood floors, perhaps wooden blinds would be a nice match. However, this is not the only method. You may want to use blinds as a way to add a pop of color or texture in your decor. Perhaps you have no wooden elements in your space but you want to add wooden blinds to a room as a way to draw attention and help bring a  natural element to the space. There are lots of combinations that can look beautiful in a room.

Another thing to consider when picking out window blinds is whether or not you need or want to prioritize privacy in the room. For some rooms, such as bedrooms and bathrooms, this may be especially important. If you are looking for an element of privacy, vertical blinds are a good choice because they pull down in one panel, making the window act like another part of the wall in a room. Other popular choices are wooden blinds because they are heavier and tend to block out more light whereas fabric blinds can sometimes be a bit see-through.

Another important thing to keep in mind when choosing Hunter Douglas window treatments for your home is the location of the window within the room you are equipping with blinds. The type of blinds you choose should be considered based on the function of the room. For example, if you are putting blinds in your living or family room, it is likely that a window could put glare on the TV. If that is the case, you will want to ensure that you install blinds that can block out this light and make the TV usable during any time of day, just by simply closing the blinds. In an office, computer screens pose a similar problem. Glare on a computer screen can decrease productivity, so choosing the right blinds for this space is important as well.

As you can see, the types of window shades you choose are not only important to the style of a room, but the functionality as well.