Magnetic Labels You Can Get for Your Needs

Magnets, they are small and yet they can have a variety of uses in a variety of different settings. At home, they are great for organization and labeling all your stuff. Magnets are also quite valuable in commercial settings and industrial settings especially in warehouses where a lot of labelling and organization is needed. Magnetic labels come in a wide variety and choosing the right magnets can come as a challenge. There are a lot of magnets out there you can choose for your needs, let’s go through a few of them.

label magnets

magnetic strips

1.) White Magnetic Labels – These magnetic labels are quite easy to use. All you have to do is to write directly on the surface of the magnetic label using a marker (wet or dry) to make it easy to write and rewrite, and just cut off the piece you’ve written using a pair of scissors or a cutter. These magnetic labels are ideal for product labeling and also making it easy to identify the location of products so that relocation, inventory, and labelling are made easier.

2.) White Magnetic Strips – A bit costlier compared to White Magnetic Labels, these magnetic strips do not need to be cut as they are already scored at standard lengths. All you need to do is write (or rewrite) on the label part and simply break a piece of magnetic strip off without the hassle of cutting a piece. White Magnet Strips are ideal for easier movement of stocks in a warehouse making re-organization much easier through time. These magnetic labels also come in mini rolls so lesser labels will go unused making it ideal for warehouses of smaller businesses.

3.) Plain Label Magnets – These magnetic labels are versatile and are easy to use allowing to print, design, or write labels that you can stick onto the magnet. After adding a label, you can easily cut it and put in onto your stocks and inventory for organization and easy reorganization in the warehouse or in your own home.

4.) Plain Magnetic Strips – These magnetic labels have been pre-scored with each strip having a standardized length. They are ready to use as they come with sticker labels that have been pre-printed. All you have to do is to snap off a magnetic strip piece and then you can start labeling with the magnetic labels. You can easily re-label the Plain Magnetic Strips with additional labeling stickers and can also move them around with your inventory in the store during reorganization.

5.) Magnetic Tape – These magnets have an industrial strength adhesive side and a magnetic side. These magnets are great if you want to hang signs or anything on doors and racks that are metal. Magnetic Tape makes hanging items much easier while also allowing you to move signage when you need to. An ideal use for these magnets would also be for keeping small parts that are metal and lining up your tool trays for better organization.

These are just a few magnetic labels that you can get for your needs. Check out these magnets and find which ones are ideal for you at home or inside your business’ warehouse.