Make sure your medical dispensary is following every aspect of local marijuana laws.

http://www.greenerpastures.comAs you know, a lot of states have made changes to their marijuana laws over the past five years or so. Voters in about half of the states in the country have approved measures that legalize marijuana use for either medical and/or recreational use, and that’s forced lawmakers to make changes to current laws. The problem that a lot of states are running into is that their laws don’t match federal laws regarding the plant. On the federal level, marijuana is still classified as an illegal drug, and thus selling it, purchasing it, or possessing it are all crimes, some of which are felony offenses. The federal government up to this point has essentially said that it will respect state laws regarding the plant, but that could change at any time. Even if the federal government wasn’t going to shut down every marijuana business in the country, they could pass down regulations and force states to follow them. It’s this complicated intersection of state and federal laws that has created a fair bit of instability in the marijuana market. For instance, a lot of banks won’t lend to marijuana businesses, and most of them only accept cash because credit card companies don’t feel comfortable processing transactions for businesses that are breaking federal law.

Although it’s most likely that the federal government will never intervene in any states that have legalized medical or recreational marijuana, it’s still a good idea to only shop at medical dispensaries that are doing everything in their power to ensure that they’re following local and state-level laws. If there’s one way for a marijuana business to upset local authorities, it’s to break local laws. State-level politicians want to do everything in their power to show the federal government that regulating the marijuana industry and allowing adults to consume the plant can be a beneficial thing for all involved. They want to show that it’s not a concern for public health while also showing that they can raise a lot of money by regulating and taxing the sale of the plant. However, if local businesses aren’t following the law and aren’t reporting their taxes accurately, for example, the argument by state-level politicians doesn’t hold a lot of water. It’s imperative that local marijuana businesses follow all state laws and regulations regarding the plant if the industry is to survive for the long haul.

It’s also important that you only buy from marijuana dispensaries that are following every aspect of state laws because that ensures that you’re not doing anything wrong. If you were to buy from a marijuana business that was operating illegally, odds are that authorities wouldn’t come after you. They’d be more concerned with going after the business and ensuring that they either follow the laws or cease operating. That said, if you want to ensure that you’re taking on zero risk by purchasing medical marijuana, then you’d better be sure that your dispensary is doing everything on the level.

If you want to see an example of what a dispensary that’s committed to following state laws looks like, look no further than Greener Pastures. They stay up to date on any changes in the law, and ensure that their dispensary is always following marijuana laws in Montana.