PDR is the most affordable type of dent repair there is.

http://autoimage360.com/Anyone who’s ever owned a car before knows that dents happen no matter how carefully you care for your vehicle. Sometimes a stray shopping carts bangs into your vehicle in the grocery store parking lot, or sometimes someone backs into your car when they’re trying to parallel park. Car manufacturers understand this as well, which is why they put bumpers on vehicles in an effort to prevent dents from happening. Still, they do happen, and there’s really nothing car owners can do about it. From hailstorms to bad drivers, dents are just a part of being a car owner.

That said, there are often ways to fix dents without having to take your car to the shop for a week or paying thousands of dollars. PDR is one technique that many auto body shops are now using to repair dents at the least inconvenience to the car owner. In case you aren’t familiar with the term “PDR”, it stands for paintless dent repair, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Rather than knocking out the dents on your vehicle and then repainting either sections of the car or the entire thing, trained professionals are able to remove dents without damaging the paint in any way. This is a major breakthrough in the dent removal industry, and it allows car owners to get their dents repaired more quickly and cheaply than ever before.

When an auto body shop removes dents and then has to repaint the car, the car owners ends up paying hundreds or thousands of dollars for the service. That’s because it’s costly to repaint cars. Not only does the paint itself cost a fair bit of money, but it also takes a great deal of expertise and time to do the job right. Thus, the person doing the painting requires a significant hourly rate because they’re highly skilled, and it takes them a fair bit of time to get the job done. This is why dent repair in the past has been so expensive and why so many car owners have opted to just keep driving their vehicle with the dents still on it.

Thanks to paintless dent repair, car owners can now get their dents removed quickly and inexpensively. All they have to do is locate a shop that offers this service, make an appointment, and drop their car off, and they’ll be back on the road within a matter of hours. It takes less time, costs a great deal less money, and works just as well. Of course, there are some instances where PDR isn’t possible, but those situations are few and far between.

So if you’ve been driving a dented car around for years because you haven’t wanted to be without your vehicle for several days or you haven’t wanted to fork over substantial sums of money, fear not. Companies like Auto Image 360 now offer paintless dent repair, so you can have your dents removed quickly without breaking the bank. It’s exactly the kind of service you’ve been dreaming of.