Things to Know Before Shopping For Engagement Rings

Buying an engagement ring for one’s fiancée can be a difficult task unless he takes care of certain things. Some of these things are briefly described here under to help you in this regard.

Shape of the stone

Though, 4Cs of the stone matters the most while selecting an engagement ring but the preference of your fiancée about the shape of the stone is more important than 4Cs. The shape here implies with the geometrical shape and the angles of the facets of the stone as compared to its cuts.

Settings of the stone

The next important thing to consider while buying an engagement ring is the metal frame in which the stone it mounted. The metal used in the frame can set the tone of the ring significantly. A bezel setting can refresh the looks of a classic stone of round shape in a ring designed for such occasions. Similarly a four pronged setting can give a modern oval shaped stone a traditional look. So it is important to select a right combination of setting and shape of the stone.

Know the style of your fiancée

Though couples shop for engagement rings together these days still if your fiancée is from traditional and conservative family then you will have to shop the ring alone. In such case you must know the style of ring liked by her. You will have to investigate about the preferences of your fiancée in this regard. It can be done either by asking her family and friends or by keeping a close eye on her. After watching her for few days you will be able to know the type of stone and settings she likes the most.

Selection of metal for the settings

Various types of metals are used these days to make the band of the engagement ring. Some of the popularly used metals for this purpose may include platinum and gold whereas palladium is also preferred by some people due to its grayer shade than platinum. Gold is also used in various color variants including yellow, white, green and rose etc. from which you can choose as per the liking of your fiancée. Some people also use recycled metal like mixture of gold and platinum to make a setting with a combination of old and new style.

Set your budget

While buying the best engagement ring for your fiancée you should also consider your budget in this regard. If your budget is not enough to buy a queen sized ring then you can buy one with a larger surface area with a one carat diamond studded on it. The diamond should not be set deep into the setting so that it can sparkle adequately.

Buy the ring safely

While buying an engagement ring you should contact a reputable jeweler so that you can get a right ring at right price for this special occasion of your life. The jeweler you choose for this purpose should be the member of GIA or Gemological Institute of America and accredited by the Jewelers of America.

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