It was not very long ago that a radon contamination could have been the end of a property owner’s dreams. Radon is a deadly natural element which can be found in the water and soil around a person’s home and which can make a property unlivable. The problem with radon is that it doesn’t just stay in one area; radon spreads across land and water faster than most other contaminates are able to, and even radon removal can result in further contamination if not done correctly. Twenty years ago there were dozens of different radon contamination situations which could only be dealt with by abandoning the property. Luckily, modern radon abatement agencies such as www.swatradonutah.com, have started to use advanced radon mitigation methods which allow for even the most complex of radon contaminations to be resolved. Here we will look at a few of the ways that radon abatement and radon mitigation might be able to save your property today.

Where radon removal fails, radon mitigation does the job. There are a lot of high profile cases of failed radon removal in recent years. Most recently we had the case of the casino in Utah which had to be closed after radon contamination was detected on the property. The casino owners and local officials decided that radon removal was the best option, despite numerous radon experts recommending that an abatement system would be better suited for the job. Sadly the more radon removal efforts that were made, the more the contaminated area spread. Finally, a radon pocket was in the process of being removed when a spill caused a serious contamination to the local river, a contamination which cost the casino millions of dollars in additional cleanup. When radon contamination is covering a large area, radon mitigation might be the only thing left that can save your property. Large areas contaminated by radon are unpredictable in nature, and almost always have a number of surrounding radon pockets which at first go undetected by radon removal teams. Setting up a mitigation system is a better choice for people that have a large amount of property to deal with because it will not agitate other possible problem areas within existing radon contamination site.

Another situation in which radon can save a property from having to be abandoned is when radon is present in a water source. Radon contamination in water is a very common phenomenon, and thought to be the leading cause for wide-spread radon contamination today. The unique problems which radon contamination present in water sources make it very hard to deal with by means of removal. People living on property where radon has crept into the water should look to radon abatement as a means to controlling their problem.  There are no special water filtration systems which can be placed in still or moving water and which filter out the majority of radon from the area. Additional filtration systems can be installed in homes where radon contaminated water may flow, further reducing the risk of radon problems for the people living near the radon contaminated area.