Window cleaning is an important part of staging a home

residential window cleaning

If you are currently selling or looking to sell your home, you know how important it is to make sure it looks nice and attractive to potential buyers. Even though home buyers will put their own decor and style in a home, staging a home helps them understand the many possibilities of what each room could be and how nice each room could look. Visual cues are a huge part of how people perceive something. If a home is not well staged, it is likely to make potential buyers rethink their decision and possibly lose interest in a home that could have otherwise been a good fit for them. Here are a few things to remember to do when staging a home for potential buyers.

  • Vacuum- Something about seeing vacuum lines on a carpet implies cleanliness and order. Even subconsciously, when someone can tell a carpet has been recently vacuumed, they assume the carpet as well as the rest of the room is clean. This is a good mindset to get potential buyers into.
  • Window cleaning– Clean, bright windows will not only let in more natural sunlight, but will also make a room feel much bigger and more inviting. Clean windows make it look like there is less of a barrier between the room and nature, making the room seem like it is much larger. This is an attractive quality for home buyers. Additionally, if your home is big and you do not think window washing throughout the home is feasible, you can hire professional Denver window washers to help get this task done in a fraction of the time.
  • Fluff the pillows and cushions- Haphazard pillows and lumpy cushions make the home seem like someone already lives there. Even though that is true, home buyers do not want to have that perception. Instead, they want to imagine it as something of a clean slate. Fluffed pillows and cushions will make it seem more like a furniture store and less like they are intruding into someone else’s home.
  • Light a candle- Lighting a candle with a comforting scent such as cookie, vanilla, or warming spices such as cinnamon will help evoke a familiar feeling for potential home buyers. A homey type smell will help them imagine the home as their potential home, which can help get them attached to the property and more likely to put in an offer.
  • Put away family photos- This may seem a little strange, but similarly to the cushions and pillows, you do not want to remind a potential home buyer that another family already lives there, so instead, tuck away family photos and trinkets into another drawer or closet for the time being. You want a potential home buyer to truly envision themselves and their family in this new space.

Staging a home is an important part of the selling process and can really help potential home buyers to feel compelled to make an offer on a home. By following some of the above tips, you can be sure that your home is attractive to potential buyers.